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Acupuncture Treatment for Headaches

Written By Advanced Health, PA on May 31, 2018

Chronic headaches can interfere with work, relationships, hobbies, and general energy. Unfortuneatly, modern medicine does not offer much in terms of a solution to help treat chronic headaches.

Pain Management vs. Pain Treatment

Pain killers or anti-inflammatory pills are commonly prescribed to help with pain management. These may offer temporary relief, however, they do not treat the real cause.  In fact, studies show that taking more pain medication can actually lead to more frequent headaches! 

In addition to pain medication, there are other advanced treatments that are commonly used that also do not do much to help treat the real problem. 
BOTOX is one such example. Many people do not know that muscle paralyzing BOTOX injections are really a form of food poisoning!
Electro or chemical cauderization is another treatment that essentially cuts the 'problem nerves', but like weeds, nerves will grow back. Once the nerves grow back, they're actually even more dysfuctional than before, which causes more pain!

Causes of Chronic Headaches

Many chronic headaches are caused by musculoskeletal problems in the back neck, shoulders and even face.  Past car accidents, sports injuries, or falls are often causes.  You may not actually feel "tense", but poor posture and physical stress may be the culprit.  CHRONIC TENSION begans to feel normal after long periods of time. 
If you, or someone you know, is suffering from pain from a car accident or work injury, your car insurance and/or worker's compensation will cover acupuncture treatment. With this, wages will be covered if you miss work.  You cannot be fired for reporting a work injury and getting treatment.

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Acupunture as a Treatment for Headaches 

Fortunately, most headaches can be effectively treated through Acupuncture and Chiropractic.  Acupuncture focuses on major nerves to imorove the body's electrical energy.  It releases Endorphins, your "natural" pain killers. Endorphins are more powerful than Morphine, an opium drug. 

History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture orginated over 5000 years ago in China. In addition to headaches, acupunture has been used to treat high blood pressure, car accidents, work injuries, weight loss, a stop smoking aid and mental health, and has proven to be 50-80% effective. In contrast, 15% of medicine has been proven to work effectively for treating headaches. 

If you live in Blaine, Columbia Heights, Mounds View, New Brighton or surrounding communities and sick of headaches burdening life, consider acupuncture  or chiropractic care as the solution to chronic headaches. Call us at (763) 571-9499 to schedule your appointment today! 

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