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Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Your Chronic Text Neck?

Written By Advanced Health, PA on December 12, 2017

Do you feel pained at the idea of spending time separated from your phone? This pain might not be all in your head- it might be in your neck, too. Chronic neck pain is so common in the modern world today that it has earned itself a new medical name, ‘Text Neck.' 

It might sound silly, but this condition is no laughing matter for the millions that are afflicted with it, and without a change in your behaviors, it can lead to long-lasting pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. For those in Fridley, Mounds View, or New Brighton who want to get to the bottom of their neck pain, making a chiropractic appointment with Advanced Health PA is the first step in diagnosing and treating the symptoms of text neck.  

What is Text Neck?

Put simply, spending hours looking down each day puts far more stress on your neck than it was designed to handle. The popularity of the smartphone in the past few years means that all of us are spending far more time hunched over a screen than ever before, and this positioning can add between 10 to 30 pounds of pressure to your neck, resulting in strained muscles, chronic pain and even lasting damage when not addressed. 

Why are cell phones so damaging for your neck? The problem isn’t the device; it’s the amount of time we use them for. Surveys have found that a full 80 percent of American adults never go without their cell phones, and all this connection is leading to hours on end of bad neck posture. While other activities like reading can be potentially as damaging, few people read for as long as they look at their phones each day. 

3 Tips for Reducing Text Neck

Going without your smartphone might not be a viable option, but there are still measures that you can take to regain control of your neck health and ensure you keep yourself safe from chronic pain. 

Watch your posture: Sit up straight with your eyes looking straight ahead, not downwards, to prevent the worst of text neck. 

Stare only at eye-level screens: Hold your phone up to your face instead of lowering your gaze to look at it. 

Take a technology break: Every thirty minutes or so, put down your device and stretch out your whole body. Every part of you will appreciate it. 

When to Visit Your Chiropractor for Text Neck

Don’t avoid the symptoms of text neck- address them with your chiropractor. Book an appointment with Advanced Health PA today, and we’ll do everything we can to restore your neck to full health fast. 


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