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Health & Nutrition Store

Medical Supply

Advanced Health PA is a Durable Medical Supplier for some major insurance companies

  • Orthopedic Supports for all body parts including back support/cushion, neck/knee brace and Tennis elbow
  • Canes, crutches, and wheel chairs
  • Therapeutic exercise equipment
  • TENS pain killing & muscle stim devices
  • Custom foot insoles/orthotics
  • SAD Lights
  • More!

Nutrition Store

Improve You Health

Body analysis, Allergy and Candida/ Yeast testing. Diet/nutrition methods can treat diseases without drugs/surgery including weight loss,smoking, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, menopause, blood pressure, cholesterol, PMS and diabetes. Cleanzing and Detoxification Products.

Nutri Savers Club

Why wait for one week out of the month at GNC, constantly read Super Market Ads, depend on Sales people or MD's with little or NO training in Nutrition? Dr. Hebeisen is extensively trained in Nutrition and has access to many companies. Bring in your favorite product for a comparison price and quality check.

$20 Yearly Membership - 15% Discount EVERYDAY

Mention this website to receive 15% OFF one supplement - Thanks for Trying our store

Better Product! Better Price! Much Better Advice!

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