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Acupuncture performed by Dr. Gregg Hebeisen Acupuncture in Fridley, MN

"When you have 750 million people and it has been working for 5000 years, there must be something to it."

What is Acupuncture?

The Traditional Chinese Medicine definition of health is "All parts of the Body function normally". If there is energy flow disruption then pain, malfunction and disease result. Acupuncture is a natural healing system concerned with restoring proper energy flow to all organs, glands and tissues. This is historically called "Chi Energy" or Acupuncture Energy. Modern Science shows Acupuncture boosts the body's pain killers: endorphins and enkeplins.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture points often follow major nerves or the spine. They are also in the ears (Auriculotherapy) or foot Reflexology. The points are accessed primarily through the skin using needles, finger pressure (acupressure), electrical stimulus (electroacupuncture) and tiny golden balls taped to your skin. The solid thin needles don't really hurt like the blood drawing types. Sessions are approximately 30 minutes. The results are cumulative and 3-5 sessions are recommended as a fair trial.

What Does Acupuncture Treat?

By working to restore proper electrical energy, it can treat problems throughout the body:

  • Sports Injury including knee injury and shoulder injury
  • MusculoSkeletal problems including Headaches, TMJ, Tennis elbow, Backache and Ankle Sprain
  • Digestive Disease such as Ulcers, Diarrhea, Colitis
  • Respiratory conditions such as Bronchitis, Lung congestion.
  • Cardiovascular conditions such as Irregular pressure and rhythm
  • Urogenital Problems including Bed wetting, Female problems (ex menopause, fertility), Impotency, Kidney and Bladder problems
  • Psychosomatic conditions such as Weight Loss, stop Smoking , Depression and Anxiety

Does Acupuncture Work?

Overall 50-80% respond very favorably. Advanced age, severity of condition, irreversible tissue damage, etc. are deterrents to recovery. Compare this to medical procedures which overall 15% is proven to work.

Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Tandem

Absolutely! World authorities including English MD Felix Mann, French MD Paul Nogier and Japanese MD Kunzo Nagayamia are emphatic on this. The MD Windsor autopsies study proved 100% correlation between spinal and organ disease. In other words: where there was spinal disease there was organ disease and vice versa.

What is Expected of the Patient?

No fear or an abated fear of needles if utilized with the understanding that they can help you. Belief or at least an Openness to the idea Acupuncture can help you. For optimal results follow the Universal Laws of Health and Longevity.

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Adequate Rest
  • Moderate Exercise
  • Positive Mental Attitude


Auto Injury, Work Injury pay 100% Insurance Coverage.

Some general Insurance Coverage.

$55.00 Initial Visit and $35.00 Subsequent Treatment


Improve your Health Naturally!

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