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4 Naural Pain Relief Alternatives to Opiods

Written By Advanced Health, PA on November 4, 2018

With widespread addiction and abuse of Opioids, many people are looking for pain relief in alternative forms that don't require medications. Pain relief can come from natural pain treatment. Medications do not have to be the 1st option. Even for chronic pain, there are alternatives for relief. Before you pop ibuprofen for that next health, try these widely reguarded treatments:

1. Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors can adjust your spine in a way that takes pressure of the nerves and helps heal nearly everything. Your spine is the core of the Nervous System. By keeping the spine in line, you'll be better able to manage pain. Spinal Decompression is a special therapy preformed at Advanced Health PA. It uses computerized motorized traction to stretch the spine to relief pain.   

2. Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is beneficial for pain relief. It works more than just your muscles.  Massage influences your Immune System and other body systems to work there best. Dr. Hebeisen has preformed Massage for over 30 years. Most therapists are recent graduates with out this vast experience. His main instructor was a European Physical Therapist who practiced in the Hospitals. There, Massage was an essential part of  the healing experience. Advanced Health is on the Preferred Provider List of Noran Clinic.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture started in ancient China and has been used as a healing therapy for centuries. This treatment uses fine needles to balance the meridians of your nervous system. By doing this,  headaches, chronic pain, post surgical pain can be eliminated without surgery. Dr Hebeisen was among the first American Doctors to be trained. in Acupuncture. It is useful in up to 80% of cases, including weight loss, stop smoking and infertility. 

4. Physical Therapy, Rehab & Personal Training

People  who have suffered severe, persistent injuries or whom have been to several physical therapists or personal trainers know they are not all the same. The interaction and progression of specific stretches, non-weighted, weighted, or resistance exercises, body position, posture and ergonomics is crucial to the best outcome.  It can be part of answer to acute and chronic pain. Dr. Hebeisen is also an certified Personal Trainer.  He has helped thousands of people in rehab and health improvement techniques outside the doctors or therapists office.

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Natural Pain Treatment at Advanced Health PA

These 4 alternatives to opioids work well together. They complement one another and work along side medical doctor treatment of prescriptions, physical therapy or pain clinic visits.  Dr. Gregg Hebeisen is a licensed chiropractor who also specializes in acupuncture, massage therapy, rehab and personal training.  If you need Natural Pain Treatment and near Blaine, Columbia Heights, Mounds View or near New Brighton, contact Advanced Health PA to Make Progress for Your Health and Life!

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