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Category: Pinched Nerves

Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment Can Reduce Pain Caused by Poor Posture

Written By Advanced Health, PA on May 24, 2019

Do you experience sore neck muscles? What about chronic headaches? You’re not alone. Many people experience neck pain. The best way to treat this pain is to figure out the root cause. For many people, their neck issues stem from poor... Read More

How to Treat Pinched Nerves That Are Causing Muscle Spasms

Written By Advanced Health, PA on June 28, 2018

How would you describe pinched nerves? Painful?, Numbness, Excurseating? Incapaciating?   Often pinched nerves shoot through parts of your body. This problem is increased by muscle spasms. Many conditions cause pinched nerves. For example  herniated discs, bone spurs and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.... Read More

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