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Back Pain and Sciatica Caused by Herniated Discs Can Impact Nearly Every Aspect of Your Life

Written By Advanced Health, PA on March 13, 2018

Sleeping, walking, sitting, working: everything triggers excruciating pain. 

Left untreated, herniated discs can cause extensive nerve damage in your back and throughout the rest of your body.

You may lose your job, mobility and independence.

Spinal Surgery For Back Pain

Spinal surgery comes with risks and a lengthy recovery period. These risks may include:

  • Nerve root damage
  • Bowel and bladder incontinence
  • Bleeding and infection
  • Deep vein thrombosis and blood clots

Fortunately, spinal decompression offers a natural non-invasive alternative.

Spinal decompression promotes an optimal healing environment without drugs.

Innovative Spinal Decompression at Advanced Health PA

Advanced Health PA is a full-service natural health clinic conveniently located in Fridley. Their Spinal Decompression therapy treatments utilize the modern and sophisticated Chattanooga Triton DTS system.

Dr. Gregg Hebeisen and the team at Advanced Health PA have helped countless patients throughout Blaine, Columbia Heights, Mounds View, New Brighton, and the surrounding communities for over 30 years.

Dr. Hebeisen is a highly educated and experienced chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and personal trainer. He is highly sought after due to his expertise and professional skills. Many patients trust Dr. Hebeisen with their auto or work-related chiropractic needs for herniated discs and other back pain issues.

If you're experiencing back pain or sciatica from a herniated disc, contact Advanced Health PA today at to schedule an appointment and learn how Spinal Decompression therapy can help you heal.

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