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Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment Can Reduce Pain Caused by Poor Posture

Written By Advanced Health, PA on May 24, 2019

Do you experience sore neck muscles? What about chronic headaches?

You’re not alone. Many people experience neck pain. The best way to treat this pain is to figure out the root cause. For many people, their neck issues stem from poor posture.

Thankfully, your chiropractor can treat and help prevent this type of pain with chiropractic neck pain treatment in Columbia Heights.

Why Poor Posture Eventually Leads to Pain

Woman seeking neck pain treatment in BlainePoor posture is often caused by:

Having poor posture pushes your body out of alignment. Your head is often pushed forward and down, and/or your shoulders are hunched forward. Doing this puts pressure on the vertebra, muscles, and nerves of the cervical spine (your neck).

Misalignment can make even the simplest everyday tasks taxing on the body, resulting in muscle fatigue and tension, as well as pain.

Neck Pain Treatment in Columbia Heights – What You Should Know

Fortunately, with chiropractic neck pain treatment in Columbia Heights, neck pain can be significantly reduced. 

Gentle adjustments made to the cervical vertebra, or any other vertebra that are out of alignment, will allow for the proper function of your spine. The muscles will move with ease, instead of getting tense from holding your head in an odd position.

More than Just Adjustments: How Your Chiropractor Can Help You Prevent Pain

In order to fully benefit from your adjustments, your chiropractor will recommend other forms of therapy in your neck pain treatment plan.

For example, Dr. Gregg Hebeisen can ease your neck pain with a combination of adjustments, massage therapy, and acupuncture. He can also show you how to improve your posture to prevent neck pain in the first place.

Is your bad posture causing headaches or painful back problems? Call us at (763) 571-9499 to schedule an appointment. We’ll help reduce your pain and show you how to improve your posture.

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