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How to Treat Pinched Nerves That Are Causing Muscle Spasms

Written By Advanced Health, PA on June 28, 2018

How would you describe pinched nerves? Painful?, Numbness, Excurseating? Incapaciating?  

Often pinched nerves shoot through parts of your body. This problem is increased by muscle spasms.

What Causes Pinched Nerves?

Many conditions cause pinched nerves. For example  herniated discs, bone spurs and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  In Carpal Tunnel, the tell tale signs often begin in your wrist and hand.  Similar symptoms can be caused by neck problems. Pain may radiate into legs if the pinched nerve is in your back.  A key sign in your back may be muscle spasms.

Not everyone will experience pain - instead you may notice weakness or numbness.  Other signs include sensation of hot and cold, electrical tingling or burning.

How Advanced Health PA Can Help Pinched Nerves

Advanced Health PA specializes in working with patients that are suffering from pain due to pinched nerves.   Our practitioners have helped countless patients throughout Fridley, Blaine, Columbia Heights, Mounds View, and New Brighton by utilizing natural drug-free solutions for over 30 years.

Dr. Gregg Hebeisen, D.C. is a highly educated and experienced chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and personal trainer. Having suffered a sports injury, he understands the importance of comprehensive and personalized treatment. Dr Hebeisen is continually selected as a Best America and Minnesota Chiropractor.  Blue Collar work and being a Red Cross instructor and Industrial consultant has given much practical experience. 


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