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Understanding Whiplash Treatment with Chiropractic Care

Written By Advanced Health, PA on November 10, 2017

When you get in an accident, the biggest damage to your body often isn’t seen from cuts and bruises. Instead, the worst damage often happens internally, especially if you are a victim of whiplash. The forcible movement of your body in an accident is often enough to tear ligaments in your back and neck, but in many cases, the damage isn’t apparent for days, even weeks after the event. 

To prevent long-term damage to your body’s structure, you need to pursue whiplash treatment after every accident. It’s the best way to make sure your body is given the care it needs to heal itself without issue. Advanced Health PA understands what damage unchecked whiplash can cause for you, and our chiropractic team can serve anyone in the Fridley, Blaine, Mounds View, and New Brighton area.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a type of injury that’s usually classified by getting hit from behind when in a stationary position. Car accidents are the classic example, but whiplash can occur in a wide variety of ways. Often, whiplash treatment isn’t sought after an accident because the initial shock of what happened can cause your body to cover its symptoms.

However, whiplash injuries can affect both bone structure and soft tissues in ways that can be irreparable if the situation isn’t addressed immediately.  In fact, failing to treat whiplash injuries effectively can lead to chronic pain and psychosocial symptoms like depression and anxiety. 

How Can Whiplash Treatment Improve Your Health?

While whiplash injuries are rarely life-threatening, they are important to address if you don’t want to deal with the side effects for years to come. Chiropractors are experts at providing whiplash treatment, and an appointment will involve them checking the state of your back and performing spinal manipulation when necessary to get everything back in alignment. 

Chiropractic care for whiplash injuries can also include treating signs of muscle dysfunction through muscle relaxers and stimulants that can relieve tension in the muscles and let them stretch back into their proper positioning. Finger pressure techniques and even therapeutic passage often work well, as do take-home exercises that the patient can perform to keep their spine supple and in working order for the years ahead.

The Advanced Health, PA Chiropractic Solution

Don’t let your body suffer in silence after a whiplash injury- get the care you need from a chiropractic professional. At Advanced Health, PA, we make it a priority to get your back into the best shape possible, no matter what kind of whiplash injury you may be suffering from. 

To experience us for yourself, please book a consultation appointment today.

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